She Loves Me

lyrics: Ahern, music: Edge

Oh she loves me yes she does
I know she's mine yes I know
When I hold her is when it shows

Oh she loves me this I know
Everyday I've watched it grow
I know she loves me she tells me so

Oooh she says she loves me
All the time she shows her love
I know she needs me
She's my Angel sent to me
From the skies above

Oh she loves me she says she does
I'll be by her side returning her love
She says she loves me yes she does

You can give me the mountains
Try to tempt me with the sea
Throw in the valleys
Couldn't take her from me
Even the sky wouldn't change a thing

When I look into her eyes
I'll tell you what I see
I see forever looking back at me
This woman makes me feel so complete inside