I Can't See You

lyrics: Ahern/Hashie, music: Edge

I can't trust you anymore
You let me down too many times
They say you're rotten to the core
You can't hide behind your lies

I haven't slept too many nights
Been your shadow for so long
Today's monotony is my life
I always thought I had it all

You got me in disbelief
Stole my heart just like a thief
Then you walked away from me

I cant see you anymore.. Refuse to be there for you
It always seemed like such a chore doesn't it matter to you
Your arrogance has left me wanting more

You got my self esteem so low
If you cant see me then you're blind
Don't deny that nothings wrong
Broke my heart played with my mind

You need to know Never knock me down again
We're killin time you need to go
It's a little late to be my friend...be my friend

Your distain I can't ignore
My confidence is lacking You are so distracting
This game can't continue anymore