Back 2 Me

lyrics: Ahern/Hashie, music: Edge

Sunday afternoon the skies are blue my eyes are red
Trying to think of the night before and all the things I said
Message on my machine and a ringing in my head
My clothes are torn my wallet's gone and there's someone in my bed
Yeah oh Yeah

My keys are on the table but my car's not in the yard
For all I know I could have lost it when I was playin cards
My pants are in the front porch socks are on the lawn
The CD player is stuck again, keeps playing the same old song

Yeah oh Yeah It's coming back 2 me  (x2)

I think I hear the phone god only knows where it is
My mouth is dry I can hardly talk and man I need a whiz
Andy's on the phone the message says he says he found the car
He said he saw it sticking out the window of the bar

Yeah oh Yeah It's coming back 2 me  (x2)
It's coming back 2 me!

Don't look now but it's my fiancée at the door
Everything's a mess, she's upset, while I'm trying to ignore
My guest slips out the back way, what will my baby do
It won't kill her to not discover what she never knew

Yeah oh Yeah It's coming back 2 me (x2)
Yeah oh Yeah